West Midlands free business websites

We look at our basic website package as your online business card, a simple format that can be customised to suit your business. A website that is no fuss but showcases your business.

A simple website can say a lot more than a website that overloads with flashing banners a multitude of links and click here’s. Although its your website, your business card, your choice.

If you are a sole proprietor or a small business by choosing a basic web package you can instantly improve your business and start your online presence

A Little Extra Help basic website package

Home page: Also known as your landing page this is usually the first page your potential customers will see so let us showcase your business. Here you can tell customers what you do in words and pictures.

About us: As the title suggest this page tells your potential customer about you and how the company evolved.

Contact page: This is as important a page as your home page this will contain all the relevant information for customers to telephone or email you. Add a contact form customers love to ask questions via forms.

Mobile website: Every website needs a mobile friendly site so all package include one.


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